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Business Opportunity

My business partner and I, a young and beautiful Chinese lady, joined a paint buying group, we were new and naïve at this time to the paint industry, and everybody we spoke to told us to get the best prices, we felt we needed to join to achieve this, so we did. We joined the big one in Victoria. We were all excited as we were soon invited to the big Christmas party held in Melbourne, every one dressed to the nines, corporate leaders of the industry were there, paint and tool suppliers all parading around, You can imagine the rest.

What really surprised us though was the ages of the people, I should imagine that 80% of them had reached their twilight years, these people in the last few years had had to face the challenges with the GST, the new computer systems, web pages etc. I guess they had faced enough of the new ways, and were all now looking forward and glad of the green pastures of retirement. They have deserved their rest, and we welcome the new blood, the new people to the industry, the ones with vision and flair.

Being the new ones to this group, and of course specialising in different products, the Non toxic paints, it was soon apparent that we had become lepers, but the issues that all of these other retail paint people had was dare I say it " Bunnings". They were petrified, and the whole focus of the meeting was based on this.

They were consoling themselves, by calling themselves paint specialists, rather a strange term to call themselves when most of them would not of known what a v.o.c, or a feature wall was. Use the same colour but change the sheen level, from a low sheen to a satin finish, thank you Haymes paints for this inspirational advice. They still have the same fears and worries, and why not as the paint group has not moved on from those days, and are still competing with Bunnings as they all sell the same products, and try and compete on price.... How naïve!

I have to admit that I still smile to myself about the early days for us. Strangely though these days are recaptured in a magazine known as 'Decorating Australia", a publication put out for the retail paint industry.

This magazine is full of information and supports our notions that the retail paint industry is toxic poisoned, why else would the chairman of the paint specialist resign and in fact close down the association. In each issue they talk to different paint shop owners and ask the same questions, typical question


To me that sums up the complete and laxidical attitude of the so called paint specialist. Why dont the so called paint specialist ask their customers a simple and direct question "Would you like that in toxic or non toxic paint" we did.... and soon realized that people wanted a non toxic paint all the time but thought that water based paint was non toxic.
I feel sure that if they asked there female customers if they wanted toxic or Non toxic paint that 99.995% would say of course Non toxic. But they don't ask, and the reason they don't ask is because they don't stock the paints.
At the Designer Paint Co, we have not put our head into the ground, and you know the rest……………………..

Do you get out of bed in the morning and feel excited about another days work?
I do, and I believe that all the members of our team feel the same way.
Why?……….The answer is easy, we are surrounded by colour and textures that are unique to the Designer Paint Co, and yet we can do any other companies colours also.. Our paints have no harmful toxins, and no toxic smells, and we get no complaints from our customers as the paint we sell is all quality produced and conforms to the strict guide lines of the European community.

If you look around you, you are surrounded by colour and texture, its part of our daily lives, people like it, People need the colour, and guess what…..WE SELL IT.

The old paints shops I believe are dying, probably all toxic poisoned, who knows. But we at the Designer Paint Co are growing; people are coming to us and why not!!!!
What other paint shop have you heard of whereby people will drive a total of 8 hours there and back to purchase your products, how many paint shops would they of driven past to get from Lismore to the Gold coast.

The Designer Paint Co is now actively seeking like minded people to open new stores, or even as act as an agent. There are no franchise fees. No penalties, but there is a commitment to education, and a commitment to succeed... We are getting people from the Seychelles, making enquiries, China and Japan, we welcome these people we welcome the Non toxic age to our homes and workplaces.

We recently opened a new store in Tasmania, these guys already have a business, they do carpets and tiles, but the owners have seen the benefits of a non toxic paint, they have listened to their customers and studied the market. They know it makes sense and good luck to them, they will I am sure being the No 1 shop in Tasmania in 3 years.

'Don't be a mushroom" there is a lot more life and colour if you look the other way.
If this is you then please email me at or write to
Matin Chambers
PO box 822
Oxenford QLD 4210

Martin Chambers.

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