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Products - Bona K

As a home owner, you can be confident that Bona finishes will provide excellent wear resistance and keep your timber floors looking beautiful for many years to come.

It is always recommended that a sealer coat be used prior to the application of any Bona top coat. A sealer gives the floor a more even look and is also more economical. Bona offers a choice of 2 special sealers and 3 different top coats, depending on timber species and individual requirements. All Bona finishes are classified as non-toxic and non-yellowing.



Mega is the worlds biggest selling one-component waterborne floor finish.
Since it was launched in 1997, Mega has been used to finish more than 100
million square metres of flooring in more than 50 countries. Mega is a non-toxic
100% polyurethane finish that is isocyanate free. In contrast to other one-component
finishes that simply dry but do not cross-link, Mega cross-links with oxygen in the air,
giving improved scratch and scuff resistance. Mega is available in 3 gloss levels - matt,
satin and gloss and is recommended for high traffic domestic situations.





Traffic could be called a designer finish because it gives architects and other specifiers
the opportunity to create a new look on timber floors. Traffic comes in a special Matt
look known as 'invisible protection' (IP) because you hardly notice the finish has been
applied. With Traffic IP you see the timber, not the finish. Traffic Satin is also available
if a higher gloss level is required. With almost twice the wear resistance of ordinary
waterborne finishes Traffic is recommended for high traffic domestic and commercial

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