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April News

We here at Designer Paint Co are now pleased to let you all know that Oikos Paints now carries the Good Environmental Choice Label. We have gone through a long period of time to archive this and now have many of our products listed.
If you would like to email Martin at he will be able to send you a copy of all products and tints that have passed.


We would firstly like to thank everyone who came and seen us at DesignEx we had a great response to our stand and many complements on our finishes. I would like to let all those people know that we are now is the busy stage of touching base with you all and making sure you receive all the information you need for your projects.
For anyone that was not able to come to DesignEx or if you were just to busy to get to see us please email us so we can make times to come out and see you or you can come into one of our many showrooms for more information.

More great news to come soon.

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