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The Designer Paint Company Training Courses

From generation to generation, skilled artisans have passed on the secrets of creating beautiful paint finishes-rich in colour and intricate in texture-to their apprentices. These traditional painting techniques, most originating in Europe and some dating back to the pyramids, were once only to be admired and envied, but today, you can learn the decorative painting secrets of the ancients in just a few lessons at Designer Paint Company.

Specially trained applicators work with us, at Designer Paint Company, to teach and educate the enthusiastic D.I.Y. painter as well as the professional painters in Australia. The old saying, "It's all up to your imagination" really takes place in these training rooms.

Join us to learn to apply these painting techniques and make your feature wall or other interior paint project into a true masterpiece.

Designer Paint Company offers two separate training courses, each designed to easily bring our students to their desired level of skill in decorative paint application techniques.

We offer both training courses at Designer Paint Company stores in Sydney, Perth,  Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

One-Finish Training

Learn a single finish for your feature wall or other personal paint project.

Designer Paint Company provides you with a multitude of different textures and styles on our showroom walls or in one of our many catalogues. Begin your training by browsing our showroom to select your favourite.

You'll learn quickly. It takes less than an hour - usually within 30 to 40 minutes unless you choose a stucco type finish, which you'll complete in just three lessons.

Cost of a lesson is: $ 65.00. One-finish training is also an included option when you take advantage of our Personalised Colour Selection Service.

Full Applicator Training

The beauty of this course is that it is never ending. Once you have reached proficiency, if you desire, we'll offer your services to the public as another approved applicator.

Full Applicator Training covers the complete range of products at Designer Paint Company. Our goal is to help you achieve a level where you can comfortably practice designer paint applications while continually refining your skills and speed.

Our training is as flexible as you need it to be. You can complete the initial training set to a schedule to come in and learn one finish at a time.

Cost of this course is: $ 1100.00

Our Training Policy:

All training is done on a one-to-one basis to ensure that the training you receive from Designer Paint Company is the best we have to offer. Our aim is to give you good value for your money as well as to teach you to produce great results in designer paint techniques.

Contact Designer Paint Company for further information on decorative paint application training.
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